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The New Normal: 5 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle Post-Covid 19

Life has indeed been different these past few months, but it’s no excuse to stop seizing each day and loving ourselves in the process. Sure, when living with the ‘new normal’, anxiety and despair sometimes get the best of us, but remind yourself that...

Rastaclat Bracelets for Casual Cool

Led by creativity and vision, Daniel Kasidi brought Rastaclat to life and introduced a fresh trend to the world. Knotted or braided, this statement piece doesn’t look or feel like the typical bracelet, with its vibrant colours and eye-catching designs. This...


Mi Band 4 has been the talk of town since it was first launched! With its colourful options, refreshed features and improved functionality, many are looking forward to getting their hands on this fitness band. But while this newly-launched gadget is gaining so much...

Unboxing Roblox Toys Series 5 The Legendary Gatekeeper’s Attack The Pirate Showdown The Jailbreak Great Escape

On this episode of Kayden’s Roblox adventure, he unboxes 3 sets from the Roblox Series 5. The Legendary Gatekeeper’s Attack Set makes for an unforgettable battle as the gatekeeper fights against the evil Necromancer with all his might & power! Ahoy...

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