Beat The Heat With 3 Tips

It is always hot in Malaysia but this time, IT IS HOTTER. The promise of cooler days in October is much anticipated but until then, the heatwave is here to stay. Bushfire and low levels of rain in certain parts of the country are just some of the effect of high temperature and dry condition. The list continues with heat-related illnesses like dehydration and heat stroke which further suggests that this isn’t exactly the best time of the year. Don’t stress yourself out just yet because we have some tips to cope with this humid weather.

1. Drink Plenty, Moisturize Often

Dehydration is as important to the skin as it is to the body because flaky, itchy and dry skin are not anyone’s cup of tea. Add facemask to your beauty routine before bed and wake up with a more supple and hydrated skin. Elianto recently expanded its range of products by introducing its facemask line for women of all skin types. The Elianto Deep Sea Mask Sheet moisturises and purifies your skin, all thanks to its mineral properties. Gently spread it evenly over your face for a good 10-20 minute treatment for nutrient-absorption which will leave you feeling rejuvenated right after!

2. Worry Less With Clean Hands

Sanitize, touch, then sanitize again. More often than not, dust, germs and bacterial virus are present in what we make contact with whether its people or objects. Hand sanitizer is an essential item in every bag as it is considered the more convenient alternative for a handwash. So if you are looking for an organic, alcohol-free and anti-bacterial liquid, BacOff Natural Hand Sanitizer can do the trick. This foam-based spray is 100% natural, non-carcinogenic, completely biodegradable, and non-toxic to humans and the environment,perfect for you and family!

3. A Warm Glass of H20 Is The Way To Go

Although some consider ice-water to be refreshing, over-consuming it may not be such a good idea. Quenching your thirst with cold water is proven to slow down the digestion process apart from disturbing the nutrient-absorption process after meals. Another downside of over-consuming ice water is that it can lead to the development of cold-sensitive teeth because of its constant enamel exposure to ice. Tooth pain is the type of discomfort that affects your mood  when there is a jabbing sensation that makes it hard to chew or talk. The good news is that you can put an end to that misery with Biorepair Plus Sensitive Relief Toothpaste that helps repairs your damaged enamels, reduces sensitivity and is truly effective in the teeth-whitening process. Undoubtedly safe for adult and children usage as it doesn’t contain flouride, this hot-selling item is a must-have on your bathroom shelves!

The scorching heat may not be leaving us any time soon but that doesn’t mean self-care isn’t a top priority. Here’s the chance for  you to find what you may need from Koolshoppe’s Flash Sales at !

By Amani

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