Fidget Spinner: The Cool and ‘Must-Have’ Toy

Known to cause internet craze and dominate the global market industry, the fidget spinner is 2017’s most popular toy that has drawn much attention from schoolboys to working adults. Music video like ‘I Love Fidget Spinner’ and tutorial videos like ‘Fidget Spinner Tricks’ on YouTube have reached millions of viewers from the United States all the way to Asia, but the  mania doesn’t end there, newer and cooler designs with longer spinning time have recently burst onto the scene for fidget spinner enthusiasts.

This revolutionary device with multiple lobes and a ball-bearing center that sometimes looks like a ceiling fan may seem to do nothing but spin to the momentum produced by finger strikes, however, a common reply from an avid user when asked why they carry it around religiously would be “I am restless, I need this to distract myself”.

Making its debut as an antidote for patients dealing with Autism or Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), the fidget spinner has also attracted the general public that are on the lookout for therapeutic tools to cope with their day-to-day anxiety and fidgeting problem.

The fact that it occupies an individual’s hand gives them a reason to pay attention to the motion in hand rather than what’s mentally bothering them, especially in edgy and stressful situations. Even smartphone addicts have switched to this light weight device to distract themselves from reaching for that iPhone.

Sitting through a long meeting or lecture for those with short attention spans sometimes leads to fidgeting or a casual snooze, the fidget spinner has proven to preoccupy an individual’s mind to skip sleep and spin. Interestingly enough, it is also a go-to device during brainstorming sessions because it boosts focus and allows creative juices to flow when trivial thoughts are kept at bay.

Upon the realization of how much interest this gadget has garnered from everyone, Koolshoppe has provided a platform for not only selected high quality spinners but a few exceptional ones that can be added to an avid collectors’ set from the Magic Shark Soul Eater Spinner to the Skull Spinner, CTOOM Revolver Spinner, Crystal Ball Rainbow Spinner, the Cool 9 Gears Fidget Spinner and many more. Know that once you have it, it will definitely keep you busy, busy spinning that is.

By Amani

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