A happier year calls for a healthier year, so choose your sport, lose the weight and get into shape! With different sports activities out there, all it takes is a few hours of your week devoted to your exercise for an improved physical and mental health. But let’s be honest, a positive mind and the right attitude are equally important to keep yourself pumped up for sports and while we are at it, let’s not forget that consistency is the best policy.

The road to fitness is never dull when purpose meets passion, so remember to choose a sport which suits your personality and goals. From adrenaline junkies who love a bit of challenge to social butterflies that intend to “meet new people” at sports centres, make sure your choice of sport is relevant to your personal interests so that you are motivated to get off that couch and get active.

Those with a passion for adventure, nature and wilderness can go hiking or cycling, while those with a love for competition can battle in a match of badminton, tennis and even football. There is also the gym where you can head to for some weight-lifting session or a quick run on the treadmill.

For a time-out session after work or class, take a trip outdoors where you can soak up the sun and Vitamin D because an active lifestyle also means exploring the great outdoors! Besides the fact that being close to nature and greenery reduces tension, surrounding one’s self with nature’s beauty improves emotions and makes for a happier self. Hiking, jungle trekking, camping and running are outdoor activities that also happen to be major calorie-burners.

Although fitness is first, a busy schedule sometimes causes it to be at the bottom of the priority list, allocating even a short time for sports activities can bring tremendous changes to your physicality, check out Koolshoppe’s Sports & Outdoors section for high-quality sports goods!

By Amani


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