Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games “Share the Dream”

Every athlete has a dream. A dream of marching into the stadium. A dream of meeting and perhaps even beating their idols. A dream of standing on a podium with a medal around their neck as their flag is raised and their anthem is sung. It’s a dream that sustains them through years of committed training, painful injuries and periods of self-doubt.

It’s a dream they want to share with every person in the stadium. With their coach. With their family and friends. With the world. An athlete’s journey, their triumphs, their set-backs, is something we can all share in.

Share the Dream is a call to action that asks us to go beyond passively observing the event. It tells us we can actively immerse ourselves in the experience. For supporters, the community, volunteers and sponsors to share in GC2018.

Share the Dream is a powerful invitation to be part of the biggest multi-sport event to take place in Australia this decade. An event that is so much more than brilliance on the sporting field.

It’s an invitation to bring the Games to life on the Gold Coast. To stay on the Gold Coast. To enjoy the Gold Coast lifestyle. To share in the amazing experiences and opportunities that this unique part of the world has to offer.


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