ActiveSol ActivDefense


Immunity Booster

  1. Boost immunity and strengthen defense system, by helping white blood cells function more effectively.
  2. Prevents common cold, coughs and respiratory disorders.
  3. Reduce allergies by reduce inflammation and blood histamines.
  4. Enhance collagen production to heal wounds and maintain healthy skin, gums, bones, and blood vessels.
  5. Maintain healthy skin and prevent wrinkling.
  6. Prevent iron deficiency or anemia, especially common among women and pregnant mothers, by enhancing iron absorption.
  7. Reduce stress hormone (cortisol) levels, help stress tolerance, and fight sleep deprivation.
  8. Improve cardiovascular health by protecting against heart disease and hypertension, or high blood pressure.
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ActivDefense is a unique combination of three different compounds that will work in tandem to improve our body defense system and function. Our natural vitamin C derived from Acerola Cherry extracts is well-known for its extremely rich vitamin C content. Unlike any other vitamin C in the market, ActivDefense contains cordyceps sinesis that provides many health benefits, long used in traditional Chinese medicine. It also contains zinc which further improves the human immune system.

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