Drape Gold Swarovski Crystal Pearl Dangle Earrings


Earth element personalities are nurturing, trustworthy, firm, authentic, and they will always have your back. They are very much like mother earth herself. They put others needs before their own and enjoy spending time with family and friends. They are practical, productive and self-sufficient. Security is important to them. They are courteous, pleasant, discreet and can be subtle when interacting with others.

  • Product : Earring
  • Brand : Kelvin Gems
  • Pearl : Swarovski Crystal Pearl
  • Colour : Crystal Gold Pearl
  • Metal : Brass
  • Plating : Rhodium Plating (18K White Gold Plating)
  • Length : 5cm
  • Closure : Hook Closures
  • Weight : 50g

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Packaging: Premium Box
This product is packed in our Exclusive Jewellery Box by Kelvin Gems that holds jewellery well in place and is safe for shipping.

How to care for SWAROVSKI Crystal Pearl
SWAROVSKI Crystal Pearls should only be cleaned with a soft damp cloth or mild soap, after which you should let the pearls dry immediately. Never clean the pearls with solvents like acetone (in nail polish remover) or alcohol. SWAROVSKI Crystal Pearls should also NOT be cleaned with a jewellery cleaner or in a jewellery cleaning machine. The harsh cleanser can wear away the coating on the pearl.

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