Inverted Umbrella Double Layer Black Windproof UV Protection


Kool Inverted Umbrella

  • Convenient and Light
  • New Inverted Design folds the exposed surface inwards
  • Prevents your  items from getting soaked
  • Durable, Windproof, High Quality, UVA Protection Material
  • Ideal & Practical Gift for friends and families

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Inverted Umbrella Double Layer Windproof UV Protection


  • Fabric Material: Double layers high-density water repellent fabric
  • Rib Material: Carbon fiber high hardness skeleton
  • Handle Material: Rubberized plastic matte painting handle
  • Size: 31.9* 42.1 inch (Open Status)
  • Can accommodate 1-2 persons


1. Innovative inside out design:
Can be turned inside-out when not in used. When collapsing inverted umbrella, the outer material soaked in rainwater will be turned inward so that the dry side is exposed instead.

2. Designed for Drivers:

Its perfect opening/closing angle ensures you are properly shielded from the rain when getting into your car.

3. Easy storage:
Don’t worry about propping this umbrella against anything as the folded canopy is designed to remain sturdy when propped on the ground. The soaked part of the umbrella is kept unexposed once you’ve folded it to avoid other belongings from getting wet.

4. User-friendly C-shape Handle Design:
The umbrellas’s C-shape handle design is perfect for a better grip. You can hold it in one hand or secure it over your wrist to keep your hands free or full with other items.


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