Original Bio-Aquacel Plus Eye Drop


  • 眼睛干涩 Eyes dry
  • 眼睛疲劳 Eyes fatigue
  • 迎风流泪 Eyes redness
  • 控制近视度数 Control Myopia
  • 散光眼 Astigmatism
  • 弱视眼 Amblyop
  • 老花眼 Presbyopia
  • 青光眼 Glaucoma
  • 飞蚊症 Floaters
  • 白内障 Cataract

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What is Bio-Aquacel

The Bio-Aquacel multi-functional elemental water is form by natural pollution-free, radiation-free, extraordinary high-ranking trace elements and abundant of minerals. Its perfect combination is totally harmless. The main content is magnesium, strontium, sodium, potassium, calcium, silicon, selenium, tellurium, bicarbonate and etc. The property of water with multiple natural hydration elements is different from ordinary water, its low tension surface but strong penetration can penetrate cell membrane directly. It increase the mineral element in the cells to accelerate the operation of water molecules, provide instant hydrate to the cells, activate damaged cells, remove free radical and aging cells, boost up blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, effective in restore cells to achieve the activation purpose. Its unique balance and neutral pH minerals make it the perfect skin care product, suitable to all skin types, include delicate skin as baby. The Bio-Aquacel multi-functional elemental water can be beauty skin care, helps for skin regeneration, rejuvenation, increase skin elasticity, instant healing face and skin wound

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