The New Normal: 5 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle Post-Covid 19

Life has indeed been different these past few months, but it’s no excuse to stop seizing each day and loving ourselves in the process. Sure, when living with the ‘new normal’, anxiety and despair sometimes get the best of us, but remind yourself that one way of winning against this pandemic is to care for yourself the best way possible. Choosing to stay physically healthy proves that our health isn’t compromised during this pandemic & that our spirit is unbreakable. Here are some ways to stay healthy during this pandemic:

1. Move, Move, Move

Make your home your personal gym. Think of simple exercises like sit-ups, push-ups, squats or jumping jacks that can make you sweat daily. Put in a little bit of effort by playing upbeat music or setting a timer while exercising to stay in the active mood. That’s not all, look at de-cluttering and cleaning as a physical activity, because they definitely help you sweat like a champ! In fact, take time out to go through your junk & donate the stuff you don’t need because keeping yourself busy helps you to stay productive.

2. Get Inspired

There are two ways to find inspiration, 1) Head outdoors, 2) Go Online. The first option gives you the opportunity of walking around your neighborhood and discovering new things about your surroundings. Nature is beautiful and remind yourself to bask in its beauty as often as you can. If you choose to stay indoors, go online and check out YouTube videos like zumba sessions or gym workouts. Do these exercises to enjoy some fitness fun even while at home!

3) The Food Plan

Make it a point to stock up on more greens, juices and generally healthier ingredients while keeping the junk to a minimum. Don’t overspend, so draw up a list at home and try to stick to it when you’re at the supermarket. As for the items in your cart, switch them up! Substitute fruits for snacks and flavoured yogurt for ice-cream!

4) Healthy Cooking

Look up healthier recipes online and even choose to add less oil, salt and sugar in your cooking. For instance, if you normally add 2 cups of sugar in making a dessert, try reducing it to 1 1/2 cups. Add more if you have to, but do it gradually and taste with each addition. Food doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly delicious, as long as it is tasty, the cooking is a success!

5) Reflect

Have a talk with yourself concerning your health and lifestyle. Some of the questions you may ask yourself are, “What are the small things I can do to improve my lifestyle?”, “What will I get out of being unproductive all day?”, or “Am I as healthy as I know I can be?”. These short questions can go a long way because they can change how you approach life. Know that you also have the power to improve the way you feel about yourself.

Take it a day at a time & know that living healthily is also, living happily!

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